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3-day Chuseok fest begins Friday

CBS - September 2022

Chuseok is oftentimes referred to as Korean "Thanksgiving," Bap owner John Gleason explains.

Drivetime with DeRusha: DeRusha Eats

WCCO - August 2022

John Gleason from Bap and Chicken is today's guest where he talks about his restaurants in St Paul and Arizona and how they came about.

Get it Gangnam Style

Twin Cities Live - August 2022

John Gleason is the founder of a new restaurant called Bap and Chicken.  John was adopted from South Korea and raised in Minnesota. He combines Korean and American flavors that fill your “Seoul”. 

Korean Fried Chicken having a moment

CBS News - July 2022

The locally-owned Korean-American restaurant Bap and Chicken is celebrating its third anniversary, explains owner John Gleason.

Best Restaurants Readers' Poll Winners 2022 - Best Fried Chicken

Mpls St Paul - June 2022

The people have spoken, and our annual survey results are in. It’s a little frightening to proclaim, “We’re in the clear!”—especially when so many restaurants didn’t get federal grants and still find themselves struggling with staffing...

Where to Go in Minneapolis-St. Paul For the Best Cheese Curds - May 2022

In the Midwest, deep fried cheese curds are a way of life, and nowhere is that more apparent than the Minneapolis-St. Paul dining scene. From dive bars to upscale restaurants...

Bibambap, With a Side of K-pop!

Sounds Tasty! - April 2022

Spring training 2022: Where to eat near every baseball stadium in metro Phoenix

AZ Central - March 2022

Each year during spring training thousands of fans of all ages flock to metro Phoenix stadiums to get their baseball fix as they cheer on their hometown teams and bask in Arizona sunshine.

Come for the kimchi burger, stay for the Korean fried chicken in Chandler

AZ Central - March 2022

It's Monday night and the karaoke room at Bap and Chicken is bumping. A man wearing a polo shirt is busting out Dr. Dre's "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang" while the screen plays a Korean music video.

The 5 best things our food writers ate in the Twin Cities area this week

Star Tribune - February 2022

The Korean dish bibimbap is traditionally served in a hot stone bowl. When the rice comes into contact with the heated stone, it forms a crispy rice crust. 

First Taste: Bap and Chicken in Chandler

Phoenix New Times - January 2022

Fried chicken is everywhere these days and the competition is fierce, so savvy purveyors must stay on top of their game in order to stand out.

Bap and Chicken Opens First Arizona Location in Chandler

Patch - November 2021​

Bap and Chicken, a Saint Paul, Minnesota-based eatery, has chosen the former Habit Burger Grill location at 940 N 54th Street in Chandler.

Korean fried chicken restaurant opens in Chandler

Phoenix Business Journal - November 2021​

Bap and Chicken, a fast-casual restaurant started in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has opened a new location in Chandler.

St. Paul-based Bap and Chicken opening second location in Arizona

Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal - September 2021​

A  local Korean fried chicken joint is venturing outside of the Twin Cities and going to roost in Arizona.

Bap and Chicken Owner Celebrates Adoption, Including His Own

Racket - September 2021​

Did you know that per capita, Minnesota is home to the second-largest group of Korean adoptees in the United States?

Bap and Chicken Getting Ready to Open Their First Arizona Store

What Now Phoenix - September 2021​

Saint Paul, Minnesota-based Bap and Chicken has just started the build out for their first Arizona store at 960 N 54th Street in Chandler where a Habit Burger Grill used to be.

Bap And Chicken Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

WCCO Mid-Morning - July 2021​

The restaurant opened in July 2019 on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, and then made it through its first anniversary navigating the pandemic, owner John Gleason explains.

John Gleason - Bap and Chicken

Food Service News - February 2021​

...“Koreans eat kimchi jjigae all year round,” he continues, likening it to the eastern Asia country’s version of chicken soup. “It’s comfort food, not pretentious at all … and it makes you feel good.”...

A special documentary for the 70th anniversary of the Korean War

CTS America - December 2020​

Minnesota, a City that Loves Korea...

Fried chicken sandwiches are booming in the Twin Cities

Star Tribune - November 2020​

The Twin Cities' standout fried chicken sandwiches showcase our incredibly diverse food scene: Hmong, Italian, Korean, soul food, Nashville-via-Ethiopia...


10 new and soon-to-open restaurants and bars in the Twin Cities

Star Tribune - September 2020​

The plan was to open a second location of Bap and Chicken, the Korean-style fried chicken restaurant that opened on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue last year...

St. Paul chef offers fresh takes on Korean classics

The Mac Weekly - March 2020​

...Bap and Chicken, the brainchild of industry veteran John Gleason, serving made-from-scratch Korean fair with a Minnesotan twist....

Restaurant Dishes Up Owner’s Passion


“It’s me on a plate,” said John Gleason, owner and head chef at Bap and Chicken...

This St. Paul Chef’s Got Seoul


...His restaurant’s cuisine combines his South Korean heritage with his upbringing: Think rice bowls and cheese curds...

"Hangin’ with Klecko: Bap and Chicken’s John Gleason"

Food Service News By Klecko - November 2019​

...recently as I was cruising down the 1300 block, I noticed that the Grand Shanghai had been replaced by a new concept called Bap and Chicken....

"A neighborhood place for Korean Minnesotans"

Korean Quarterly By Melissa Lee Wright - October 2019​

Most KQ readers outside of Minnesota know the that Twin Cities has a reputation...

"The Minnesota-Korean food we’ll need this winter: fried chicken, Korean rice bowls, affordable prices"

Minnesota Monthly By Jason DeRusha - October 24, 2019​

Choose your own adventure: Twice fried in tempura-style batter until super crunchy, the chicken makes for a great sandwich, bibimbap rice bowl, or a nice bite on its own...

"St. Paul’s Bap and Chicken gets creative with Korean classics"

City Pages - October 2, 2019​

Forget the doom and gloom: At Bap and Chicken, the old really is (pleasantly) new again...

"Korean fried chicken stars at Bap and Chicken on Grand Avenue"

Eater Twin Cities - September 19, 2019​

Twin Cities restaurant veteran/general manager John Gleason (Masu at the Mall of America, Can Can Wonderland, etc.) has branched out...

"Bap and Chicken now open on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue"

Pioneer Press - August 2, 2019

Korean-American street food has arrived on St. Paul’s Grand Avenue....

"New Korean rice bowl and chicken eatery moving into former Grand Shanghai space"

Pioneer Press - May 30, 2019

The former Grand Shanghai space on Grand Avenue is getting a new tenant that will be serving trendy Korean food...

"Korean Fried Chicken coming to Grand Avenue this summer"

Eater Twin Cities - May 29, 2019

Brace for a double crispy kick to hit Grand Avenue this summer as Bap and Chicken takes over the old Grand Shanghai location...

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